KUKpro is the First and Only Temperature Profiling Meat Thermometer with 12 Sensors

Meet the KUKpro Team

Our Kickstarter campaign is getting closer and our team is working hard to deliver everything on time. Meet the people making KUKpro a reality.

Cody Neslen, CTO

Bachelor and Master of Science, Electronics Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Built Nasa robots, a battlebot, a children's smart watch, among other things. Passions are family, food, church, engineering, and sports. Motivated by seeing problems in the world, wanting to fix them, and being a part of the solution.

Jason Richtor, Co-Chief Mechanical Engineer

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from UCSD. Worked as lead engineer at a temperature and pressure instrumentation company. Co-established a prototyping company. Developed mechanisms and devices fielded in harsh environments ranging from the deep ocean to the desert. Hobbies include dirt biking, desert racing, wave runner.

Leif Roth, Co-Chief Mechanical Engineer

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCSD with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Designed sensors, devices, and mechanisms operating in pharmaceutical clean labs, space, the ocean, and harsh deserts. While working as a Mechanical Engineer during the day, co-established a prototyping firm with both design and manufacturing resources. Developed a multitude of products and projects with these resources which include cutting edge CNC machines, waterjet, laser cutter, and industrial 3D printers. Hobbies such as dirt biking, down hill mountain biking, automotive development, and desert racing further indulge a passion for cutting edge engineering.

Joylyn Darnell, CFO

Graduated University of Michigan, Bachelor of Science, Oceanography and Geology, San Diego State University, MBA, currently Doctoral Candidate, Education and Leadership. Recovering Banker, VP Level, currently Executive Director, Corporate Partnerships, National University System. President Emeritus, University of Michigan Alumni Club of San Diego. Patent holder, Shark Tank pitcher and Spin Instructor. Passions include family, travel, downhill and water skiing.

Dennis Darnell, CEO

Graduated UCSD, Jacobs School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Worked as US Navy Deep Sea Diver and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Designed and built oceanographic sea floor mapping systems. Inventor, Shark Tank pitcher, Antarctic Explorer/Team Leader & President Emeritus, San Diego Underwater Hockey Club. Passions include family, food, traveling, Peloton and underwater hockey.